The Billing Process


Our billing process has been designed with the ease and convenience of our clients in mind.
Once you provide us with the essential information required to generate an account, we'll take care of the rest.

The billing process is as follows:

1. Complete or provide us with the information on the billing sheet via fax, email or post

2. An email will be sent to confirm we have received the billing sheet(s) and are working to generate and submit the accounts. Patient verification & eligibility checks will be performed as part of this process

3. Medicare and the health funds will process the accounts for payment. Direct billed patients will either pay the total account; or claim from Medicare and their health fund before finalising the account

4. Medibill Professional will handle any account queries regarding the invoice or claim. Service queries will be referred to the client

5. All accounts will be paid directly into your nominated bank account. Cheques will be made payable to the client and sent to us for banking and reconciliation